What we offer

Customer & Business Solutions

Customer & Business Solutions

Offering companies and their customers support by providing physical structures, qualified staff, and customer support for products and services, with low costs, performance guarantees, and SLA.

Airport Services Solutions

Airport Solutions

Implementation services for airport solutions, including financial, commercial, operational, and electronic, fitting the real world, and respecting the laws, culture, and regional challenges.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Services for companies in the electric power sector, aimed at supporting the commercialization of electric power (retail), including contract, risk analysis, and billing, with emphasis on the concession and commercialization model of the North American market.

About us

SW is a small, versatile, and efficient company. We come from multicultural origins founded by a team of Portuguese, Brazilians, Spaniards, and Americans.

Our clients require a specialized “task force” that maintains current staff and reduces the need for team expansion, thus minimizing costs. By adopting the home-based office and projected vision the quality of the team can be kept at a low cost.

Since 1997, we have been supporting business and technology solutions which have strengthened our ability to mobilize quickly.

Core Values

Professional Team

Our dedicated team of professionals manages a multitude of projects worldwide and is accustomed to challenges that push the boundaries. The ability to withstand pressure, and

adapting to cultural differences and diverse work environments is a quality that demonstrates the high standards we embrace.

Attention to Detail

Our aim for perfection is key but we also realize the need for a “down-to-earth” approach.

We prioritize the quality of results focusing on clear data preparation for operational and strategic analysis.

Easy Communication

We are effortlessly adaptable to different forms of communication.

Our flexible communication style allows us to describe accomplished tasks and provide instruction in a simple and effective way.

Best Practices

Delivering in waves is an example of our steadfast commitment to using the best practices in the market, in project or business management to optimize our clients’ time.

Customer Oriented

Human connection is important and vital to every business.

Our team is prepared to offer support in business operations and also to preserve a successful working relationship through high-quality support.



We are flexible and adjustable to cater to our client’s needs working towards becoming an essential extension of their company.


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