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SW Consulting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How can SW assist the company? How can SW services be contracted? How are the contract, payments, and duration?

We have two phases: Consulting and Operational

CONSULTING: This first stage is estimated to have a duration of 3 months. Together we will elaborate on the work/business plan, with emphasis on the selection of partners, and

team, among others. Regarding the number of hours to be contracted, for small businesses we recommend one day per week, for medium businesses 2 to 3 days per week, and for large businesses 4 to 5 days per week.

OPERATIONAL: In the second stage, we will conduct what was jointly conceived, from an operational point of view. We can maintain a contract with a set number of days per week or we can establish a contract to meet a service level agreement (SLA).

On the contracts and payments, they will be managed by our main office. Payments for our partners' services (accounting, advertising, foreign trade, offices, etc.), will be invoiced by them directly to your company.

How can you help us?
We will help your company enter and/or remain in a new market by being the outpost.
Are you an accounting firm? Foreign Trade?
We are a consulting company, Our partners include accounting companies, foreign trade, etc.
Does SW provide support for all companies?
Only the companies that are in alignment with our ethical principles, mission, and vision.
How will you present yourselves to my clients?

We will act as your outpost, we can be your "Country Manager", "Product Manager", "Support team", "Advisor", etc., according to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreed between SW and your company.

In which countries have you previously assisted businesses?
We have already worked on projects in the USA, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Italy, the Netherlands, and Kazakhstan. There is no existing limitation, but naturally, we have more extensive expertise for certain countries (Portugal, Spain, Brazil). Nonetheless, our multicultural team is well accustomed to mobilization and it is an excellent starting point.
What types of industries do you serve?
We provide support to companies in the technology, electricity, airport, equipment, services, consulting, hotel, fashion, and beauty industries. Our model is adaptable to cover all types of businesses.
How is the management of activities/tasks?
SW uses its activity/task management, in the initial consulting phase. If it does not exist, we opt for Kanban, using tools such as Trello. When we move into the operational phase
and guarantee SLA, our recommendation is Service Desk, if the company does not have it, our suggestion is Zendesk.


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No formalities, feel free to contact us and share ideas.