What we do

Customer & Business Solutions

Supporting companies and their customers, providing physical structure, qualified people, customer support for products and services, with low costs, performance guarantees and SLA.

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Airport Services Solutions

Implementation Services for airport solutions, including financial, commercial, operational and electronic solutions, adequating to the reality, respecting laws, culture and regional challenges.

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Energy Solutions

Services for electric energy sector companies, which aim to support the commercialization of electric energy (retail), including contract, risk analysis and billing, highlighting the model of concession and commercialization of the USA market.

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SW Consulting Services - Quem somos

About us

The SW company is small, versatile and efficient. We were born multicultural, because we are formed by Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and American.

Our clients are companies that they need in a special "task force" without the risk of increasing their staff. The home office and projectized vision are adopted, maintaining the quality of the team with low costs.

Since 1997, we have supported business and technology solutions, being the highlight is our mobilization capacity.

Our Mission

Support companies in the business development in regions where they do not have a strong presence, in a transparent, honest and sustainable way.

Our Vision

Developing business in a multi-cultural world.

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Professional Team

Our team is formed by professionals with dozens of projects in different parts of the world, accustomed to the pressure and great challenges, with a high capacity of adaptation to cultures and teams of works.

Attention to the details

We are realistic, but we are always looking for perfection, with a focus on the quality of deliverables and the focus on data preparation for operational and strategic analysis.

Easy comunication

We can adapt the communication matrix. We have the flexibility to describe the activities carried out and to carry out, in a simple and effective way.

Best Practices

A commitment to using the best practices of the market, in project or business management, we deliver by waves, optimizing the time of our clients.

Customer Focused

Human relationship is important and vital to your business, our team is prepared to support you in business actions and also to maintain and perpetuate relationship through high quality support.


We are flexible, we adjust our model to our clients, being an extension of your company.